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World-Building with South Africa 

March 7 - 14, 2024

Through participatory world-building (pwb), we reclaim our agency in crafting the type of world we desire. We learn through experience, which is unique for each person, and allow ourselves to find and refine the tools which we can carry back into our every day to co-create a world within ourselves - one that we'd like to see reflected back to us.


In the spirit of world-building, we travel to South Africa with the dream to dissolve the illusion of separation created by the Middle Passage. This is a gentle exploration. We embody an indigenous way of life under the guidance of Sangomas, or traditional southern African healers. 

Prior to our arrival in South Africa, we will meet for two Town Halls to collectively make choices about some aspects of the itinerary and expand our tool kit for self-regulation.

While in the immersion, your guides will offer a daily intention as an invitation. Our curation provides ample space for autonomy and choice in how time is spent. The food program is designed to support energy levels and sustain our time together.

We begin in Johannesburg before traveling to an indigenous eco-village in Mpumalanga. When we arrive in Cradle of Humankind, our immersion container will expand to include local guests for ceremony, ancestral veneration, drumming, dance, magic and memory.  

This is a right of passage, a sacred reclamation, a coming together in community guided by ancestors and the spirit of the land. 

Itinerary Overview

Day 1: Arrive in Johannesburg

Day 2: Soweto & Apartheid Museum

Day 3: Travel to Mpumalanga

Day 4: Panoramic Route/ Inzalo Ye Langa

Day 5: Travel to Cradle of Humankind

Day 6: Waterfall Hike 

Day 7: Closing ceremony 

Day 8: Departure

Strange Fruit Brochure

information regarding costs, detailed itinerary, and other logistics

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until spots are full


We've partnered with CURIOCITY, FARMHOUSE58, and the Umphakatsi Peace Eco-village to anchor our experience  

Analise Samantha Delphine

Gogo Khanyakude

Meet Your Guides

Analise and Gogo will be with you for the duration of the pilgrimage. At different points, we are joined by additional members of the Sangoma community who will provide wisdom and healing.


more detailed FAQ inside the brochure which you can download above

Americans staying in South Africa for less than 90 days do not need a visa

Do I need a visa to enter South Africa


Are flights to and from Johannesburg, South Africa included?

O.R. Tambo International Aiport

What airport do I fly in and out of?

Yes. After we process a successful application, we will send a link to the booking page which includes payment plan options.

Are payment plans available?

Yes. The curation of this experience holds an intention of spaciousness. We left room for wonder, serendipity, spontaneity, and rest. 

Will I have time free time?

We offer a unique opportunity to expand your perspective and connect with the Sangoma community in South Africa. Our approach to travel and tourism is one of deep reverence and reciprocity. We guide members of the African Diaspora to visit the continent in a conscious way that allows for the cultivation of authentic relationships and healing with the land. 

Why travel with Common Healing?

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