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We are spiritually and morally-led. We strive to make our offers economically equitable and sustainable. We reject patriarchy, heteronormativity, and domination. We embrace fluidity and spaciousness. We believe in liberated brave space. We believe everyone has a role in the future. We seek to navigate power in all its nuance and complexity

Since inception, Common Healing has set out to make well-being available to the public while preserving folk healing traditions. We do this by facilitating cooperation between well-being practitioners, culture keepers, and land holders in order to meet shared economic needs and bring our collaborative offerings to you.

Your investment in world-building experiences not only enriches your life but circulates resources throughout communities of healers and culture keepers across the globe.


we are governed by The Laws of the Common Healing Universe, a set of principles underpinning the worlds we build for clarity, unity, and momentum around the future vision we want to bring to life...

  1. Self-determination of our destiny 

  2. A spirit of remembering

  3. Education and play unlocks potential

  4. Cooperation as a vehicle towards liberation

  5. Embodiment as celebratory medicine 

  6. Love as the reason 

  7. Vitality reinforced by deliberateness 

  8. Well-being requires shelter, nourishment, dignity, and expression

  9. Interconnectedness transcends national borders


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Land Sovereignty & Infrastructure Development

Care & Wellness

Knowledge & Skill Sharing


Cooperative Choreographer

Building international solidarity through experiential storytelling. Guiding guilds and designing experiences for communing towards new world possibilities. Developing and maintaining infrastructure to hold mindful stewardship of collective resources as an interconnected web of sustenance. Stewarding Phemia's Garden, a mountain sanctuary in the Hudson Valley.

Analise SD

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Portal Architect

Bodypoet, movement architect, and educator working with and through various interdisciplinary forms of dance, drawing, film, photography, and sound. New Orleans, VA, London, and LA hold my heart. Here, we mobilize embodied memory and ecological play into a worldmaking practice, created by conjure, my black girl cosmology, is the essence of my poetic embodiment, shape making, and pleasure. Shaper of possibilities. 

paris “cyan” cian

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Liberation Steward

Dallas (she/her & ey,em,eir) is a land steward, studying abolitionist, pro-Black dyke and workshop leader. Dallas' works take teachings from land and offers them as guides to building liberated and rest-ful, sacred space.


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we raise the future together

The Interconnected Web of Sustenance

Our Anchors

Our collaboration begins with poetry and is centered in our individual desires to dig into the depths of our experiences. We are rooted in creating remembered and reimagined systems of sustainability, wellness, and hope for our people. In order to shape a freedom world, we must first attune and take witness to our individual freedom practices. Together, we wish to bring these ideas, desires, and lessons to our community.

Our Participatory

World-Building Program

a reclamation, a remembering, and a healing, our studio incubates experimental models of cooperation that enable embodiment, transformation, and interdependence anchored by the following pillars...


We began as a popup healing center in South London 2019

We transformed into an online learning space in 2020

We turned inward to focus on our own healing and rooting in 2021

We reawakened in 2022 through Participatory World-Building

The Founder

Analise Samantha Delphine

Cooperative Choreographer

I'm a Sierra Leonean-American entrepreneur and storyteller based in the Hudson Valley of New York. 


In curating pop-ups, retreats, and international tours, I seek to cultivate an interconnected web of sustenance that transcends national borders and through which resources can move.


A deep reverence for the land and my work guiding groups of farmers and artists across the northeast United States in the development of their cooperative businesses inspires my curatorial practice.


I’ve inherited a legacy of storytelling and cultural organizing. The practices of filmmaking and experience production open up portals of memory and future-making for me.

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