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Direct Technical Assistance Offering

holding the reality of the market-based economies we swim in while believing in and practicing the cooperative futures of tomorrow, cooperative development as world-building grounds our approach. 

we work with groups to assess their shared needs, imagine ways to meet these needs, structure, and implement the mechanisms that will support their collective in thriving. this includes education and exploration, business model canvasing and planning, feasibility assessment, website development and branding services, financial modeling and internal systems guidance, governance and structure, legal liaising, and much more.     

if you're hoping to fund the development of cooperatives, we work with select organizations who respect the autonomy and independence of the member owners and align with the Laws of the Common Healing Universe on a contract basis.

for independent startups we negotiate various equitable exchanges to provide technical assistance (TA). in addition to upfront sliding-scale rates, this includes bartering and trading, profit sharing, ownership shares, and anything else we can dream of. 

be part of the interconnected web of sustenance... 

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